January 23rd. Pie Day!

There were a few things going on today. It was ‘measure your feet day’, ‘handwriting day’ , ‘Women’s healthy weight day’ and it was also ‘pie day’!  Guess which one I opted for?!

I managed to try two pies in fact. A sweet potato and goats cheese lattice pie might not have sounded particularly good – but tasted very nice indeed, to be fair. There wasn’t much left when I remembered I should take a picture!

I followed that up with lemon meringue pie. As sweet pies go, it surely has to be the ultimate?

Apologies for a blogpost about food, but you can’t ignore it when it’s National pie day.

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January 22nd. Not your standard Friday.

There are three celebration events that are honoured today. Firstly, there is Celebration of Life day. Next up, it’s Answer your cats questions Day. That was a difficult one, as we don’t have a cat. The local ones don’t tend to hang around for a chat either, as my usual interaction with them is when I chase them out of the garden – which they seem to regard as their personal toilet. 

Fortunately, there is another celebration event today. It just happens to be the birthday for my eldest son – Sam. I’d usually embarrass him with pictures from the past, but he’s a bit grown up for all that now, so I’ll settle for this image of him at Endure24 last year – he doesn’t usually paint himself with luminous face paints. Not that I know of anyway! 

Happy birthday Sam. Have a great day, and watch out for talking cats!


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January 21st. It’s not just for hugs, it’s also a squirrel day

The media seemed to pick up on it being National hug day, yet missed out on it also being Appreciate a Squirrel day.

I have to say, I struggle to appreciate grey squirrels. Agreed, they are determined characters and are very acrobatic.  They also however, cause havoc by ringbarking trees, gnaw their way into nestboxes to eat baby birds, sit in trees scolding everything with their gratingly irritating calls  – and of course, eat most of any food we leave out for the birds in the winter!  Anyway, I had a go at appreciating a squirrel today.  Closest I got was a recognition of respect for their cheekiness, their inquisitiveness and yes, their ability to scramble around in the tree tops.

Grey squirrel, with a few peanuts

Grey squirrel, with a few peanuts

Fortunately, I get to see the Brownsea Island red squirrels on a pretty regular basis – and they are far easier to appreciate.  Dainty, lovely colour with huge ear tufts, and determined to hang on despite the threat of the greys just across the water – what’s not to appreciate?

Red squirrel, with chestnut.  Red squirrel wins!

Red squirrel, with chestnut. Red squirrel wins!

So, I was able to appreciate a squirrel today, even if I didn’t get to hug one.

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January 20th. Penguin awareness day

The temperatures may well suit a penguin, but it’s not easy to be aware of them in the way that pigeons and gulls make themselves so obvious.  Fortunately, I found a handy image that helps – just in case you do need to be aware of a penguin, penguin awareness day of all days.


Personally, I prefer kit kats or Yorkies. 😉


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January 19th. It’s Tin can day!

19th January heralds a day of supporting popcorn and tin cans. Yep, it’s popcorn day and it’s also tin can day. I’ve opted to give my support to the humble tin can. I stood in awe and utter amazement this evening in our local supermarket, gazing at the array of tin cans on show. Loads of them, and only 50p each – with free soup inside!


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January 18th. Thesaurus day.

Today is apparently Winnie the Pooh day, and it’s also Thesaurus day. I was at a meeting for a large part of the day, and didn’t see any sign of Winnie, Piglet or even Tigger. 

Fortunately, the meeting/exchange/consultation/discussion gave plenty of opportunities/freedom/space/time to get stuck into the thesaurus side of things. 


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Day 17 of 2016. All change on the blog…

I started reading a new book recently, about a man that had decided to live 6 months of his life in line with the various ‘ National Day of…’ Celebrations that have been invented over the years. Today happens to be ‘Ditch the New Year Resolution Day’. 


So, I’m taking the opportunity to drop out of the image a day blog. I will however, keep an eye on the daily Celebration events and honouring them as best I can – with blogs posted for the most worthy ones. I’m already looking forward to Pie Day (23 Jan). Might need to borrow a talking cat for 22nd! 

This promises to be an entertaining time ahead!  

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Day 16 of 2016. Foam roller. Friend, or foe?

It’s been an odd day. Firstly, parkrun was cancelled due to the amount of ice on the path. Correct decision – but it threw me. Saturday with no parkrun is just wrong! Anyway, rather than test out my calf niggle on an alternative run I went home and got stuck into using the foam roller on my troublesome leg.


Foam roller. Dont be fooled by the innocent look…

The idea is that rolling the affected muscle group over the foam aids recovery, and prevents further injury. In that way, it could be argued that it’s a friend of any runner.  When it finds the right spot though…. it hurts!  That’s when it easy to regard it as a bit of a foe! 

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Day 15 of 2016. Flowers on a cold day.

It was arguably the coldest day of this Winter today. If it wasn’t today, yesterday was. Either way, it was cold out there. It’s heartening to see then, as the sun shone this afternoon, that the primroses are in bloom – heralding a glimpse of the Spring to come. 


Primroses in bloom

I’m not about to say that Winter is on its way out. Far from it in fact. My bet is that we have quite a few cold snaps to face yet before Spring can even think about taking over.

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Day 14 of 2016. A good day for a wander..

I managed to get away from the office today, and out for a walk on a nature reserve. My chosen venue was Upton Heath, partly because it’s my local patch but also because I hoped to be able to find the Great grey shrike that had been seen earlier in the week.


At one with nature. There is nothing better for relaxation.

I spent a lovely few hours out there, exploring all around the area. It was refreshing, it was enjoyable and when the wind picked up – it blew away plenty of cobwebs! 

The shrike? No sign of it today, but it could still be there somewhere and if so it won’t be long before it gets reported again.

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