January 31st. Backwards running seemed such a good idea at the time…

Backwards running is not natural. I can also confirm, from experience, that it is not particularly easy – and it hurts!

Today is ‘backwards day’. It seemed easy enough then, to slot in a quick session of running backwards during my run. I chose to do so at Poole park. Those that were at parkrun yesterday will know the bit I chose – from the bollard to the pavilion. A matter of a couple of hundred yards.  All went well for the first 20 yards or so, then I started to feel my thighs complaining. I persevered, and finally reached the pavilion where I was so glad to be able to turn and run/jog normally! Crikey, does that hurt!!  I guess it would be good for quad strengthening over time, but it’s a bit risky. It also induces some odd looks from dog walkers (and their dogs!).

I managed a total of 10 miles today, exactly as planned while I’m still returning from my calf injury. The map shows the complete route. My attempt at backward running is the little ‘tail’ bit on the right. In the bigger picture of the run it might seem insignificant, but right now it’s the effects of that tiny bit that is causing my quads to be so tight!

I did also go backwards in time, of sorts. I happened to glance up and saw an old mate of mine who I last worked with in the mid-90’s, so stopped for a quick catch up, a reminisce about the old days, and a promise not to leave it so long until the next catch up! Good to see you Si.

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