January 30th. Inane answering machine message day.

These celebration days get ever more bonkers! Today is the day for inane answer machine messages. Seriously. I considered changing my mobile answer message – but as I usually end doing about a million attempts at getting it right whenever I update my voicemail message I decided against. I also knew I’d spend another million getting it back to normal again in the next few days, because I’d be forever fretting at the inane message waiting for any caller that was unfortunate enough to call me when I was unable to answer.
It’s also croissant day. We do enjoy warm croissants for breakfast every once in a while, but as its parkrun day croissants were off the breakfast menu. Running around Poole park whilst stuffed with croissant would not be a pleasant experience – for anyone! 

Fortunately, it’s also seed swap day. Even more fortunately, we had already decided we’d be popping into town to stock up on seeds for the garden.  There were masses of packs of seeds to choose from! 

I’m not sure they would have been overly keen on swapping seeds for my meagre selection of runner beans that I saved from last year. They were however, more than happy to swap packets of seeds in exchange for sterling! 😉

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