January 25th. It really should have been Train day.

It would have been so perfect if it could have been Train day. I got on a train at 4:45am this morning, and got back again at just gone 20:30 tonight – so I had plenty of time to appreciate a variety of trains. 

It wasn’t Train day though. It was bubble wrap appreciation day, it was A room of your own day, it was Irish coffee day, and it was opposites day.

Bubble wrap appreciation would have been brilliant, but I didn’t have any and didn’t have much opportunity to find any. Opposite Day got the vote, as I decided to sit facing forwards for my outward journey, and backwards for my return journey.

As it happens, the opposite was quite a bit more than just that.  This morning, I had an entire rail carriage to myself…


My very own carriage.

This evening, I couldn’t even find a seat for the first half of the journey so had to stand and wait my turn – particularly frustrating as I had to wait for a backward facing seat!


Same carriage, different view!

That’s pretty close to as opposite a journey experience  as you can get! 😉

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