January 24th. Beer can appreciation day..

That’s right, today is National  beer can appreciation day.  It’s also: visit your local quilting shop day, peanut butter day, talk like a grizzled prospector day and belly laugh day. I’m told by my wonderful wife that’s also National compliment day as well. She’s amazingly knowledgeable and quite simply awesome, so I’m pretty sure she is right,of course.

Now, beer is not something that I drink very often so it’s no surprise that I don’t happen to have any beer cans around that I can appreciate. I’ll stretch the boundaries, just a little, by appreciating a few cider cans instead.


These 4 cans are doing a grand job of keeping a total of 2 litres of Thatchers Gold in prime condition, for when I want to enjoy a taste of Somerset. Well done cans, I appreciate your efforts.  

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One Response to January 24th. Beer can appreciation day..

  1. sophiebeal says:

    Did the quilting shop day organisers think about it falling on a Sunday?

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