January 22nd. Not your standard Friday.

There are three celebration events that are honoured today. Firstly, there is Celebration of Life day. Next up, it’s Answer your cats questions Day. That was a difficult one, as we don’t have a cat. The local ones don’t tend to hang around for a chat either, as my usual interaction with them is when I chase them out of the garden – which they seem to regard as their personal toilet. 

Fortunately, there is another celebration event today. It just happens to be the birthday for my eldest son – Sam. I’d usually embarrass him with pictures from the past, but he’s a bit grown up for all that now, so I’ll settle for this image of him at Endure24 last year – he doesn’t usually paint himself with luminous face paints. Not that I know of anyway! 

Happy birthday Sam. Have a great day, and watch out for talking cats!


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