2016 has arrived!

Day one of the year. Two years ago I embarked on a plan to blog an image for every day of 2014. It proved to be quite a tough challenge as I was determined not to repeat my daily reflections, finding something new every day. I managed it, but was a mentally drained and mightily relieved person when I finally reached 31 December!

Well, 2016 is here now and I’m back in the groove – at least for a few weeks or so. I’m not setting any promises about a post every day at this stage, will see how it goes for now.

Anyway, today being New Years Day it was back to that trusted favourite of parkrun. Bournemouth (Kings Park) was the venue and we had a bit of a family run – with Carole (my wife), brother in law Theo and Sister in law Julie also running. It was a bit slippery underfoot but still an enjoyable (and healthy) start to the year. My highest ever position of 15th and 1st in my age group has set me up nicely for another year of running.








15th place!

So, that’s day one blogpost done. I wonder if I’ll blog again tomorrow? 😉

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1 Response to 2016 has arrived!

  1. sophiebeal says:

    Good news on return of the blog. Pretty impressed with the fifteenth place.

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