#365 My image of the Year – Stephen Sutton MBE

There will be TWO posts today.  I know, it’s an image a day blog – but it’s my rules so just go with it.  The reason for two will become obvious in the next few sentences.

This blog has been all about images that have been a part of each day of my own life, throughout the year. I thought it would be good to be able to pick out one image that has stood out for me – from the entire year.

The image I have chosen is not one of mine. It is an image that I’m sure every one of you will have seen many times in early May of 2014. It’s been used so many times that I don’t know who took it. The image is of a brave young man who decided to make his mark, by raising awareness and much needed funds for fighting Cancer in young people.  I was struck by his sheer grit and determination and his ability to smile, and always looks for positives.  His posts were written from the heart. He knew that time was running out for him, yet he still took the time to thank everyone for their support.

I never met him, I never knew him. Like many others though, I admired him and rooted for him, and I felt like he was indeed someone I knew – if only through social media.

I clearly recall reading what he thought was his last post, as his strength was going and he faced his own passing.  It was written with such courage that it really did move me. He then rallied and was able to put out another post to say he was still here, but recognised that his time was still very short.  Sadly, on 14th May 2014, Stephen Sutton passed away.

His memory lives on however, and he should be held as an inspiration to us all.

The image of 2014 that I will remember.

The image of 2014 that I will remember.

There has been much talk, and plenty of rants about Stephen not being selected as Briton of the Year. I also fail to understand how he was not selected, but I won’t rant about it. We  can all choose who we think should be our own Briton of the Year. Stephen Sutton gets that award from me at least.

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One Response to #365 My image of the Year – Stephen Sutton MBE

  1. Jane says:

    I agree 100% Steve. He was a truly inspirational man. When I’m feeling down I think about the grit and determination he had and it gives me the kick up the backside I need to get on with life and enjoy it to the full.

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