#363 A hoar frost morning

It was cold last night. The coldest night of this Winter so far, with temperatures down to about -5c across much of Dorset.

Not only was the pond frozen for the first time, but there was also the formation of hoar frost on some of the leaves in the garden.

Hoar frost is that spiky frost that you’ve no doubt seen before. It forms when ice crystals develop on vegetation that is already chilled below freezing point. The clear skies of yesterday and overnight made sure of that being the case! It’s an effect similar to dew forming, except the ‘dew’ freezes into ice crystals, and devoting into the spikes or feathers of hoar frost.



I had a quick look at the non frozen bits of the pond. No surprises to note that the pond skaters seem to have been finished off by the low temperatures. It seems that Winter has finally kicked in!

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