#360 The Heliotrope is in flower

There aren’t many plants that naturally flower in the depths of our winter. Even snowdrops usually wait until February or March before really putting on a show.

Whilst out on my Boxing Day run, in an attempt to start to burn off a few extra Christmas calories, I found a small patch of a plant that does flower in the winter.

Winter heliotrope is a non-native species that has naturalised and is now quite widespread. The flower spikes rise above the mass of kidney shaped leaves, and the flowers turn to face the winter sun – when there is any!

The patch I found today was on the side of a path along the River Stour at Christchurch. It may not be a native species, but it does add a bit of colour and variety to the hedgerow at a time when colour is at a premium!



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1 Response to #360 The Heliotrope is in flower

  1. Ryan Clark says:

    Have you seen this Steve? bsbipublicity.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/new-year-plant-hunt-2015.html

    Would be great if you want to take part 🙂


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