#354 Festive fun at Bournemouth parkrun

The last parkrun before Christmas Day ( although there is one on the day itself) is the chance to dress up in suitable festive attire and join a couple of hundred others to have a run around the park. I opted for Bournemouth this week.
I arrived early, and sat in the car dressed as Santa and wondering where all the other Santas where. It would be awkward being the only person dressed up for the occasion! I needn’t have worried, as by the time we reached the run briefing the array of Santa hats were much in evidence.


I ran at a steady pace, accompanied by my son Sam who was wearing a festive jumper complete with baubles, lights and jingle bells. I can still hear those bells ringing in my ears now, though they were useful in letting me know where Sam was at any given time. A great run, followed up by a welcome bacon roll paid for by Sam as he finished behind me today. Yes, that’s right – I finished ahead of him! I have a sneaky suspicion that perhaps he slowed down a little to let me have my moment of glory. Thanks Sam, I’ll take it anyway! 😉


Before you ask, no I won’t be running on Christmas Day!

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