#352 The train now approaching the town centre…

It’s what sets Poole apart from any other town I know. The mainline rail track between Weymouth and London Waterloo cuts straight through the shopping precinct of Poole. It seems like pretty much every few minutes that the lights flash, the barriers come down and people pause in their shopping trips as they wait for the next train to trundle through.

It’s quite entertaining to watch as the lights flash and the warnings sound – as shoppers rush to get through before the barriers come down. Some of them should seriously consider taking up track running as they have quite a turn of speed even while weighed down with heavy bags of shopping! There is a footbridge for those that prefer not to wait for the barriers to lift again, which was where I stood today to get my image of the day.


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One Response to #352 The train now approaching the town centre…

  1. Fen says:

    Lincoln has one that splits the High Street in two…and no footbridge (yet), though the line is less busy.

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