#348 The Stollen has arisen..

Every Christmas I make a stollen. Not for any reason other than the fact that I like marzipan. Buy a stollen from a shop and there won’t be enough marzipan in it. Make your own, and you can put as much marzipan in as you like – and yes, I like it a lot!

Today then, was the day for baking of my Christmas stollen. It starts out as just a big ball of dough, with nutmeg and lemon thrown in for good measure. It’s then a case of letting it rise..


Next comes the fun bit. Rolling it out and adding the mixed fruit and chopped nuts, as well as triple extra marzipan! Forming it around a bowl to create the circle, and then leaving it to rise yet again.


Into the oven for about 25 mins or so, then it comes out looking not at all bad! After cooling for a couple of hours ( enough time for a quick run!) and the addition of some icing makes it look even better..


The final touch was a bit more icing, plus a scattering of chopped walnut pieces.


The next stage will be eating it. I’m looking forward to that bit!

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One Response to #348 The Stollen has arisen..

  1. oneangrychef says:

    Looking good Steve!

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