#324 Mother Nature seems confused

There is no getting away from the obvious, that the weather this Autumn/winter has been mild. Here we are about to enter the last week of November and we have yet to have any decent frosts, or even any extensive cold spells at all.

No surprise then, to see that Nature is a bit out of kilter. There are butterflies still flying around ( clouded yellows reported yesterday and I also clocked a red admiral). The bird feeders are largely unused, with just occasional visits – nothing like the flocks that would be expected now. Flowers are still going strong as well, this rose in the garden is not only in flower now, it has further buds to follow:


Winter will arrive in due course, of that I am sure. When it does, all will quickly settle into the usual winter ways – and I will spend my spare time topping up the bird feeders again, trying to keep up with demand!

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