#315 An early morning run..

At just past 6:30am I opened the door. My body was urging me to reconsider.. Go back to bed, watch the tv, have a cup of tea, do the ironing, eat a raw onion – do anything but step outside for a run! I silently cursed, told my body to wind it’s neck in (not literally of course), and went for it. I ran.

I say ran, but what I mean is I sort of moved along in a roughly straight direction with all the coordination of a toddler tackling an assault course. Fortunately it was dark,so not many people saw me – aside from the local paperboy.


My body well and truly got its revenge, as I struggled for any rhythm or pace. I persevered, and after half a mile or so it all came together and I think I sort of looked like a runner.

In the end, it was an enjoyable run of 5 miles or so and there was even a bit of rain. I’m hoping for a bit more rain on my runs over the next few days, so will keep my fingers crossed for that.

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