#314 I think it’s gone quiet…

After what seems like weeks of bangs, flashes and drifting smoke, it seems that the fireworks have finally tailed off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for admiring a display of glittering multi coloured flashes and occasional blasts to mix up the entertainment – when it’s is part of a display. One of those ones that starts, builds and then finishes. One that then leaves the night to be as it should , dark and quiet.

The irregular explosions that have graced the dark hours for the last few weeks are not so welcome in my book. The roads and paths have been littered with the remains of a variety of rockets…


As I said though, I do admire a good fireworks display. They aren’t easy to photograph either so I really admire anyone being able to capture the essence of a fireworks display. Once such person is a friend of mine called Kerrie. Kerrie is one of the best landscape photographers I know, and I’m chuffed that she agreed I could use her image of fireworks at Lyme for this post:


If you enjoy Dorset landscapes, I’d urge you to follow Kerrie on Twitter at @KerrieDoodles for regular views of amazingly captured images from a photographer destined to go far.

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