#309 Do we all just want to keep the tax disc?

Over a month ago, the tax disc was no more. Drivers were told that they didn’t need to display them anymore, and a few intrepid marketing bods even came up with advertising that could be inserted into the now defunct disc holder.

The thing us, most of us are still displaying our tax disc. Why? I have no doubt it’s mainly down to ‘can’t be bothered with it right now,I will take it out on another day’. I know that’s the case with me. There’s currently a sweepstake going on about will I change the clock in my car first, or will I remove the tax disc first.. My money would be on the clock – it’s close to hand and irony fancy spending too many weeks working out if I have to add and hour, take an hour off, or treat it as correct. The tax disc can wait.

It will be interesting to see just how it is before the sight of a tax disc in a car windscreen becomes a rarity. At the moment, it’s a rarity to see a car without one.

Have a look next time you are out. There must be close to 95% of us still displaying our tax disc. Long may it continue!


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