#306 rainrunning. It’s great fun, yet a little bit dangerous.

It seems there was quite a bit of rain last night, and it was certainly a damp start to the day. I had planned a long run along the seafront, but decided to go and find some mud to run in – much more fun!

I did a mainly trail based run up to the River Stour at Wimborne and back, logging a grand total of 13 miles in the process. There was definitely plenty of mud to enjoy!


Fortunately, there was also a fair few puddles to help wash off the mud..


I mentioned dangerous in the title. The problem with loads of mud and water around is that hazards can be hidden away.. Running along a track, my calf was suddenly stretched way beyond what it expected, as my heel landed on nothing and it was only my forefoot catching the leading edge, that stopped my entire foot from plunging into a deep hole. Very much a case of a ‘near miss’ – if I had landed toe first I’d have probably ended up with a broken ankle as my weight and momentum carried me onwards while my foot stayed trapped in the hole. Not something that bears thinking about!

It seems the hole was a post hole for securing a field gate and pedestrian gate across the track. The post was lying on the side of the road, so I replaced it before anyone else came along and wasn’t so lucky – though it was quite noticeable as I had emptied some of the standing water out of it when my foot went in.


Still, the fun of the mud outweighed that small negative. If it rains again next weekend I know where I’m heading, and I know where to watch out for holes!

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