#299 Collared capers

It seems that the smaller birds are finding plenty of food through natures larder – with loads of insects still around, seeds and nuts all easily found, there’s no wonder that the feeders have been quiet.  Occasionally a charm of goldfinch will visit, up to 12 or so at a time – but none this weekend.

I have installed a tray on the feeder pole, and use it to supply nuts and mealworms to those birds that don’t quite have the athletic abilities required to tuck into the sunflowers offered by the hanging feeders.  The collared doves appear to be particularly grateful for this recent addition.  They usually sit in the branches of the overhanging birch, waiting for the finches and tits to drop a few items as they feed. The doves then float down, and clear up the scraps.

Today, one of the doves went one better. It not only landed on the new tray, it then settled down, took the weight of it’s feet and chilled out. At one point it seemed to be almost dozing off.  It wasn’t until another dove came along to investigate that it perked up and started to eat the nibbles all around it – remaining sitting down and relaxing all the time.

All a bit odd really, as it’s a bit in the open to be that relaxed – there are regular sparrowhawk passes and it would be a sitting (literally!) target.

The bird on the right is taking it easy.. like Sunday morning.

The bird on the right is taking it easy.. like Sunday morning.

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