#297 I lost 20 minutes today.

I dropped into my GP practice on the way home today, to pick up my latest batch of warfarin. Handing in my prescription, I was asked if I wanted to collect later. Apparently there was a 20 minute delay on processing of prescriptions. I decided I’d wait, and duly found a seat – next to the fish tank.

Oddly, there were no magazines to look through while I waited. There’s usually a selection of Saga, Gardeners World, Caravanning mags to idly flick through. Not today.

Today, I got to looking in at the antics of the tetras, mollies and gouramis in the tropical fish tank. It was really highly compelling and entertaining. So much so, that when my name was called, I wondered how come it had only taken a couple of minutes. Checking my watch, I realised that it was indeed a 20 minute wait. I lost 20 minutes watching those fish, and really enjoyed the experience!


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