#296 You’ll either love it, or hate it!

It’s that time of year when fruits and berries are very much in evidence in our hedgerows.  One of my top plants goes by the name of Stinking Iris, although it has a few other less ‘descriptive’ names.

It gets the name from the smell of the leaves when they are broken. Not that it stinks in my opinion, but it does smell….. of marmite!  OK, some people would perhaps say it smells of beef, but marmite to me smells like an intense beefy smell. Whatever, I like the smell – though I know quite a few people that have joined me on nature walks have not appreciated the scent quite so much when I ask them to give it a whiff!

Right now, it’s really easy to find as the clusters of bright orange/red berries stand out well. Don’t confuse them with other species such as cotoneaster, or hawthorn. If you aren’t sure, give it a smell – just don’t be tempted to try it, no matter how much you might like marmite!IMG_1204

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