#294 The hornets are busy..

I’ve noticed more and more in recent days, that hornets are very much in evidence.  I’m not sure why that should be, though I have no doubt it will be linked to the onset of the colder weather that has hit.

I kind of like them. Big, bold and bright – they fly around hunting out their prey seemingly without a care about being predated themselves. It would take something pretty brave to take on a hornet I guess, so they are quite justified in their brazen flights.  They also seem to like ivy, possibly for nectaring, or maybe just to wait for a suitable food item to land nearby.

Hornet. Better than a wasp!

Hornet. Better than a wasp!

Don’t confuse them with wasps – which tend to get tetchy as the temperatures drop and will quite happily sting away. Hornets seem content to give you a wide berth and won’t bother – as long as you stay well away from their nest!  Live and let live when it comes to hornets, and all will be well..

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