#291 A parkrun PB day!

I’ve been doing ok with my parkrun times recently – with a few PBs cropping up. I can only put that down to the training I put in for the Marathon, which seems a little odd as they are poles apart in terms of running, but hey, I’ll take a PB any way it comes to me!

Today the pressure was on, as not only did the lad Sam come along, but he also brought with him the gang from Kings Park. Ian, Caz and Hugh were all there – and as the sole Poole representative in our gathering I knew it was a PB or bust kind of day.

I was never going to beat them, but managed a PB all the same and that’s all anyone can ever ask for, so I’m really quite chuffed with my run. I remember getting down to 22:34 a few weeks ago and thinking ‘how did that just happen?’ and expecting to never get near it ever again. A month later and I’ve bettered it 3 times – one of those at Kings Park.  I’d best keep this training lark going, who knows if I’ll ever break into the 21’s?

Congratulations are in order for Ian and Caz, who both also got PBs. Hugh ran another solid run – I might have to try the odd shoe look, it seems to work quite well ( check out the footwear in the photo!). Sam put in yet another great run, pacing Ian – despite having been struck by Man Flu.

My arm looks out of place. Didn't know what to do with it!

My arm looks out of place. Didn’t know what to do with it!

Might have a go at Kings Park again next Saturday, it’s time to show Paul Hill a clean pair of heels. Maybe..  🙂

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