#289 Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to us!

At 1 pm on 16th October 2004, Carole and I were married at Highcliffe Castle. Ten years on, and at 1 pm today we were walking the trails of the New Forest around our retreat for a few days, the Balmer Lawn hotel.

It has been an amazing and wonderful 10 years together, and with at least another 80 years ahead of us, life really is fantastic!


Looking through our wedding pics, it’s amazing how much we’ve all grown. I’ve managed to gather a few grey hairs, but the kids have all grown up! I did promise to post a pic of them, here it is..


We’ve just got back from the pool, sauna and jacuzzi so are well relaxed. Looking forward to our Anniversary meal in a while!

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3 Responses to #289 Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to us!

  1. ronnyallan says:

    Wicked blog Steve, there’s so much I don’t know about you 🙂 Chrissy Foster (nee Allan) also married at Highcliffe Castle!

  2. dizzyfoster says:

    18th August 2007 lovely venue shame it rained and we didn’t get to appreciate the gardens

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