#279 Don’t mention the marathon…..

My legs have yet to consider forgiving me for putting them through 26 miles of hurt yesterday. It’s not strictly true, as the first 20 or so miles were a doddle – but my legs disagree and are currently not interested in any form of mediation. I’m sure they’ll recover soon enough – though I’m told tomorrow will hurt more than today. Deep joy!!

Anyway, my image today has no connection to yesterday at all.

It rained!  Pretty heavily as it happens. I do like a bit of rain if only to freshen up the land, and make everything look somehow a little bit cleaner!  Today,  it highlighted that the guttering needs a bit of unblocking, as rainwater gushed over the edge rather than into the downpipe. I got drenched taking this photo, and could run back inside (see paragraph 1), having to shuffle back to the office to dry off!

That's a bit of an overflow situation.

That’s a bit of an overflow situation.

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