#265: Conker season!

I have clear memories as a child of spending hours throwing sticks up into ‘conker’ trees in an effort to get the best, the conker that would beat allcomers and emerge battered, bruised yet victorious as top conker of the playground.

I never did get top conker status, usually because I would miss the other conker when it was my turn, or the strings would tangle. In that situation, it was deemed to be “strings” and a free hit given to the opposition. The end result was often a shattered dream and an equally shattered conker!  The game doesn’t appear to be as popular now – no doubt you can play virtual conkers on the ipad now instead, and not have to risk getting a whack on the knuckles.

I’m told that Horse Chestnuts (their proper name) are also good for keeping spiders at bay. That’s what my Mother in law says anyway, and I’m not going to argue otherwise! 😉

The good news is that this particular conker has a chance in life. I picked it up whilst running on Sunday, rescuing it from being crushed underfoot as it lay on the path under it’s parent tree. I’ll plant this one. Who knows, in the future it may well be shedding conkers of it’s own.IMG_9303

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