#259 Riverdance and a meeting with an old friend

Carole and I spent a great evening at the BIC, watching the pretty amazing footwork of the dancers of Riverdance.  It really is spectacular to see, with such precision and speed coupled with some stupendous music.  The dancers were brilliant, the musicians were outstanding and the typically haunting singing was simply astonishing.  Yes, we did enjoy the show in case you weren’t sure!

Riverdance is at the BIC. Go see it!!

Riverdance is at the BIC. Go see it!!

To top off a great evening, I heard a shout as we were leaving – and there was my old Army mate Graham waving back!  It must be 12-13 years since I last saw the geezer, and was really good to catch up again.

Me and Ridders.

Me and Ridders.

Right then, I’m off to practice my leg flicks and my toe taps – or whatever the technical terms are for this Irish dancing lark.  On second thoughts… not sure my knee will hold out, so perhaps not!


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