#250 Taking the snake for a walk!

Out for my Sunday run this morning I noticed that a man walking just ahead of me had some sort of scarf thing wrapped around his wrist. Bearing in mind I was in the 14th mile of my run, I struggled to comprehend why anyone would need a scarf on such a warm day. Turns out I was right.. There was no need whatsoever, as it wasn’t a scarf after all. It was a snake!

I had to stop and ask about it of course. Turns out it was a King snake, and the guy was ‘taking it for a walk’! He wanted it to be able to feel the warmth of the sun, experience a wider view than just a tank and to feel a breeze. What better way than taking it out for a walk? I can see his logic, and the snake certainly seemed in very good health. He’s taking his goldfish for a walk tomorrow. That might not be so successful! 😉


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