#239 We moved on to Skjolden

Another day, another Fjord. This time we docked at Skjolden, at the end of the longest navigable fjord in the World, so we were informed.  Carole and I again hired some bikes and headed out to the hills – going completely the wrong way for about 5 miles before deciding that the map definitely didn’t match the road anymore (my fault entirely). We got back, went the right way and headed up a beautiful valley before parking the bikes and hiking up to a fantastic waterfall complete with resident rainbow.

No pots of gold were found.

No pots of gold were found.

It was quite a hike – here is the same waterfall from the road:


The journey back out of the fjord was really quite magical. Amazingly calm water that had a deep glistening effect on the ripples, with hillsides reflected on the surface. Don’t think I’ll forget that experience in a hurry.

Awesome colours!

Awesome colours!

Next stop..  Bergen.


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