#232 Is it a wasp or a spider? It’s a wasp spider.

I paid a visit to one of my old sites today in search of wasp spiders. Last year I found literally hundreds in one particular field so I went full of confidence. That was short lived, when I arrived to find that the scrub had been cleared and the rushes topped. Not a single wasp spider to be found…

Undeterred, I set about searching them out as I knew there would be some on the site somewhere. I struck gold (well, I struck yellow,black and white) on another patch of scrubby rush and reedbed.  Plenty of these brilliant spiders. Not only are they cool to look at (almost cartoon-like) they are mean as well. They will eat flies, but their webs are set to catch grasshoppers, crickets and the like.

One of those spiders that are just unmistakable.  No, it's not a wasp!

One of those spiders that are just unmistakable. No, it’s not a wasp!

I quite like their eyes. They certainly have enough of them!

Who's watching who?

Who’s watching who?

So, if you are out for a wander (generally along the south coast) in an area with bits of scrubby grassland and loads of grasshoppers – have a look out for a wasp spider sat in its web…waiting.


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