#220 Evening primrose..

No, not a form of greeting to anyone called primrose (though that would be appropriate of course in such a situation) – it’s the name of a striking plant that you may well see cropping up on wastegrounds about now.  I’ve had two enquiries in the last week about them, so I thought it perhaps a good move to put out an image so that I can refer to..

The common evening primrose plant is an escape. A plant that was grown in gardens and has managed to set seed and flourish elsewhere.  The roots and leaves can be eaten I believe ( but don’t quote me on that,and don’t try it!).  It’s also well known for medicinal purposes – evening primrose oil is used for quite a few treatment.  I’d suggest buying it from a chemist/health shop rather than trying to make your own though. Leave the wild ones in place, to be enjoyed for their huge yellow blooms that stay open well into the late evening.

Now you recognise it, surely?

Now you recognise it, surely?

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