#215 A spider on water? Surely it needs a raft?

I managed an hour or so on the heath today, and headed for the ponds in search of dragonflies. There were a few, but they weren’t keen on flying in the fresh breeze so I turned my attention elsewhere.

Last year on that pond I had found a lovely Raft spider, and I glanced at the spot where I’d seen it. Amazingly, there was another – in exactly the same place. They can be remarkably hard to see until you get your eye in, so to find one straight away was a bonus. They really are cracking spiders – nice and big and with the added trick up their sleeve that they can go underwater!

Beady eyes of a raft spider. Loads of them!

Beady eyes of a raft spider. Loads of them!

After getting wet feet and knees in my quest for the raft spider shot, I was pleased to see that I had not squashed this wee chappie – a toad that was about the size of a 20p, making steady progress through the grasses..

Young toady, as he's known to his friends.

Young toady, as he’s known to his friends.


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