#197 The all new A Team is unleashed!

It’s been 10 months of hard graft. 10 months of non-stop pressure of assignments, research and presentations. 10 intensive workshops. 10 months of building a team – an A team.  Today, that 10 months came to an end.

The final session of the CIPD HR Management course with DPG was today.  Keeping us on our toes until the very end, we still managed to fit in time to do some work on TUPE, as well as deliver our personal learning journey presentations.  Eventually though, it was time to go and celebrate so off we went to the pub!

The all new HR team. A great bunch!

The all new HR team. A great bunch!

Whilst I won’t miss all the assignments, I will miss the monthly gatherings with this great bunch of HR professionals. I do know though, that I can call on any one of them for a chat or advice at any time.  It really is the unleashing of the A Team of HR management!


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One Response to #197 The all new A Team is unleashed!

  1. Hi Steve,

    It’s been a pleasure following your journey and being part of it. Your activity on the community both as contributor and commentator have been very much appreciated and you’ve acted as a role model and a true HR pro. I very much hope you continue to play a part in our community and who knows you may come back and take the level 7. You’ve still got all those top collaborator credits to redeem lol.


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