#195 How not to stack bales on a trailer

Quite possibly my worst ever image, but it serves the purpose of my message so here goes..

Driving to work this morning I started to notice branches in the road. Recently dropped branches as the leaves were still very fresh.  Occasionally I was forced to drive around the larger branches and it seemed that most of the roadside trees had taken a battering.  Cresting a hill, I saw the culprit ahead of me..  A tractor and trailer, with the load of bales now quite precariously balanced  with a definite lean!  He had stopped, but I think that was just to pull into a farm with a barn.   I pulled up behind and took a few quick snaps, content that my image for the day was in the bag.

Not so…  Turns out that the camera had managed to focus on the heated wires in the windscreen and not on the infamous trailer. I have no idea how – I have to squint to see those wires!  Ah well, here’s the image anyway. You can choose to either picture the trailer in all it’s leaning glory, or marvel at the windscreen. the choice is yours!

Trailer, and windscreen. In one shot.

Trailer, and windscreen. In one shot.

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