#194 Crickets, not cricket.

So the First Test ended in a Draw – as widely anticipated, although there was glimmer of an opening at around lunchtime today. Somerset fared better, although for some reason decided not to enforce the follow on.  Don’t worry –  If cricket is not your game, I have just the thing for you. Crickets!

I went for another long Sunday run today – 17 miles along the Castleman Trail. Pretty much all the time I was anywhere near long grass I could hear grasshoppers and crickets. There is one cricket species that I know well, by sound alone. Roesels Bush Cricket. It make an almost continuous, mechanical sounding buzzing noise. Once you hear it and know it you’ll never get it wrong.  Keep listening for it – they are a recently-ish established visitor from Europe and are rapidly spreading.  Easy to identify when you finally see one as well the bright green swoosh mark being a bit of a giveaway.

Swoosh! There it is - Roesels Bush Cricket.

Swoosh! There it is – Roesels Bush Cricket.

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