#176: An unfortunate escapee

My image of the day was a really easy one. I walked into the office to be greeted by my colleague saying “Your image of the day is outside. Go have a look in the box.”  Two things struck me as I walked back down the stairs to ‘look in the box’. One – sounds like I don’t have to worry about what to photograph today. Two – my image of the day project is getting famous!  Ok, maybe not famous as such, but you wouldn’t belive some of the angst I go through trying to think of a suitable image every day, so to have one presented to me, in a box no less, was a huge bonus!

I wandered over, looked in the box and sure enough there it was. Nothing I saw today would beat that for an image…

Corn snake. Not your average UK snake.

Corn snake. Not your average UK snake.

A corn snake – picked up by one of our wardens from the roadside on her way to work. Unfortunately for the corn snake, it had come off worse in an encounter with a car and had perished. It was no doubt an escape from a collection or an owner as they are not a UK species, so it probably wouldn’t have survived for long -perhaps ok through the summer but the colder months would have seen it really up against it.

Still, a lovely looking reptile and well worthy of a place in the Image of the Day 2014 gallery.  Such a shame that it came to such an unfortunate end though…  😦


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One Response to #176: An unfortunate escapee

  1. mgshersby says:

    So that’s what her e-mail about! I’ve been wondering all day! What’s going to happen to it next?

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