#167 I’m overweight…but I’m happy with that.

I had a go at one of those quiz things on facebook, to see ‘how old is your heart’. I was a bit surprised that the results said my heart is 2 years older than it should be. When I checked the reasons, it showed that my BMI places me in the overweight category.

Intrigued, I tried a few other online sources. All of them confirmed that my BMI of about 26 places me at overweight.  The thing is, I really don’t believe I am. I’m absolutely comfortable with how I am. I ran 12 miles yesterday. I’ve got my parkrun 50 shirt. I’m faster than Chris Archibold – then again, so are a fair few people. ( Sorry Chris! 😉  )

One site even said I need to lose 2 stone to be at my optimum weight!   Not a chance – I’d far rather be how I am now than 2 stone lighter.  I really can’t imagine how gaunt I would look.  Surely that wouldn’t be healthy?  I might try trimming a bit off in the lead up to the Bournemouth marathon (October) but for now, it’s time for cheese and biscuits! 😉

The graph tells the story. I don't believe a word of it!

The graph tells the story. I don’t believe a word of it!


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