#166 A day of memories of Dad

My choice of image today was an easy one to make – there really can only be one subject on Fathers Day.

It’s been a busy day – a long (12 mile) run this morning along a riverbank, getting the car sorted out (went in for wheel balance, ended up replacing the brake discs) and an afternoon of lawn mowing whilst following the success of Somerset Cricket club in another T20 win.

All day though, there have been plenty of times when no matter what I’m doing, my thoughts are drawn back to memories of my Dad. Nothing in particular, just little snippets that flash into my mind and are then followed by others.

I guess like many kids, when I was younger I always thought my Dad was invincible ( he pretty much was!) as he manhandled huge joists into place whilst balancing on top of bare walls in his job as a Chippy. Sadly he succumbed to COPD and passed away in Sept 2009, but those memories are as clear today as they have always been, and I just hope they never fade. RIP Dad. XX

Dad loved his Indians!

Dad loved his Indians!

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