#158 Getting about on two wheels, to mark the end of my 50th celebrations.

My image today comes from the final activity in what must rank as one of the longest birthday celebrations ever. 11 Days to be precise. Still, you’re only 50 once!

Today, I was whisked off for a surprise. Carole drove, and as we headed out of Poole, past Wimborne on the A31 I managed to guess that we were heading for Moors Valley Country Park. I got that bit right, and managed to get it down to either the high ropes course or the Segway trail.  Carole had made a great choice in opting for the Segway trail. We had seen them there a year or so ago, whilst cycling and I remember saying at the time that they looked cool. Carole had obviously logged that away, and sorted it out for us..

Almost at professional standard... or maybe not!

Almost at professional standard… or maybe not!

Those things are great fun!!  Leaning forwards to go faster, leaning back to slow down/stop/reverse and whacking the stem left or right to turn – it takes a bit of getting used to but is such a great experience. Having the forest trails to scoot along is an added bonus.  They are pretty speedy, and although nobody fell off there were several occasions where I realised that despite my calm exterior I was not really in total control of what the Segway was doing! 😉

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well or has been a part of the celebrations – especially my wife, Carole. I am now fully fledged into the role of a 50 year old – though I have to say, I’m not quite sure I have really grown up yet! 🙂


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