#144 That feeling of pure elation..!

The local multi storey car park has its bays set out in threes, with pillars in between – meaning that only the central space has the luxury of being a ‘pillar free’ zone.

I had to pop into town late this morning, after a really enjoyable parkrun at Kings Park, with some great people.  I expected to have to edge the car into a tight gap somewhere – so imagine the elation, the joy that flooded through me when I was presented with not only a central space, but a completely car free bay of three!  I think the shoppers that watched as I leapt out of the car to take a picture of it were a little bemused – but it simply had to be my image of the day!

If Carlsberg did parking spaces..

If Carlsberg did parking spaces..

I’m hoping it’s not just me that relishes the ‘non-pillar’ space, and that other drivers will recognise my elation!  I’m sure they will, considering those spaces are always filled first before any of the pillar spaces are used..


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One Response to #144 That feeling of pure elation..!

  1. You should have parked sideways Steve, and taken advantage of all three spaces!

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