#126 A loud scream echoed around the office…

Mid-morning, and I was well into my second meeting of the day, with the door closed.  All of a sudden, there was a scream, then another.  Of course, I sprang into action immediately – putting on my first aider hat, my HR hat and my H&S hat as I rushed out of the office..

Out in the corridor stood a member of staff (who shall remain nameless) looking a little shaken and staring down at the floor near her desk..  Having clarified that there was no injury involved I took off my first aider hat.

It soon became obvious that I could take off my HR hat and my H&S hat when it was revealed that the ear splitting scream was in fact due to a spider wandering in through the window.   I quick search of the area came up with no sign, and  we all returned to work again – all on edge ready for the re-appearance of Spidey.  Fortunately he was not seen again all day.  The member of staff was soon back to being her usual chatty, enthusiastic and hard working self again – and I’m glad to say, even agreed to me using the episode for the image of the day subject for today.

I spent ages looking for a spider for my image of the day, and it was Warden Amy who came up trumps – finding one in about two minutes!

Spiderman...or maybe just spider.

Spiderman…or maybe just spider. Not everybody likes them.


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