#119 I found a new running trail!

There’s a certain feeling of refreshment at ‘discovering’ a new running route, and this evening I did just that.  Running through Upton Country park I was distracted by the calling of young woodpeckers in a tree just off the main track. Pausing to investigate (and get my breath back!) I carried on walking down through the open woodland until I reached a small path that I had never seen before.  Running along in roughly the right direction I gave it a go. It wasn’t long before the path led me back out to the main track again, but while it lasted it was so good to be running on ‘new ground’.

I’ll go back again soon, there was another path that I noticed leading away in another direction. That simply has to be explored!IMG_0001_20

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2 Responses to #119 I found a new running trail!

  1. julelivesey says:

    It’s nice where they’ve opened up some of the paths through the woods around the park.

  2. ronnyallan says:

    Know that feeling Steve, New Forest walks

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