#106 Maiden flight

Feeling a lot better today and all set for a return to work tomorrow. I managed a few minutes out in the sun again, and was chuffed to see my first damselfly of the year.

It fluttered past the pond and decided the ideal landing place was – the recycling wheelie bin!  Not the best background for an image, but it would have to do.  As I suspected, it proved to be a Large Red Damselfly.  The deep red is still not fully developed, and the flight was the typical ‘still getting used to it’ fluttering of a relatively newly emerged damsel, so it probably wasn’t long ago that this one was a creature in the depths of the pond.   It’s now a sign of the Summer to come…

Large red damselfly. Only it's not large, and it's not very red yet either..

Large red damselfly. Only it’s not large, and it’s not very red yet either..

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