#63 A flippin’ good night!

‘Flippin’ good night!’ was a term that my Dad used to use to describe something unusual or unexpected happening.  Turns out tonight, if he was looking down on me, he’d be uttering those very words yet again!

Why? Well, of course it’s pancake day, so as I drove home from work I was thinking about what topping to go for. I had Radio 2 on, but had missed the daily confession with Simon Mayo. 😦

There was a chef type geezer on though, talking about pancakes and what toppings to try.   Cheddar cheese, he said. ‘What!!’ I thought..  I have always gone for the lemon juice option. Until tonight!  That’s right. While Carole tucked into her pancakes with lemon juice – I tucked into pancakes with cheese.  I have to say – not at all bad!!

I still think that Dad would struggle with that though, and his exclamation of ‘flippin good night’ would be aimed at my choice of topping, and not so much at my prowess with flipping the pancakes!

The perfect pancake. Flipped by yours truly!

The perfect pancake. Flipped by yours truly!


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