#42 Take another look..

I was out of the office today! Well, at least for the morning anyway. It gave me a good opportunity to get an image that I had planned for.  Finding somewhere to park proved more difficult than I imagined, but I managed to get the car off the road to safely take my pics.

So, have a look at the image here:  Notice anything odd about it?

Clue: The van has nothing to do with it...

Clue: The van has nothing to do with it…

That tall tree.  Doesn’t look quite right?  That’s because it’s not a tree.

Have a closer look:

It's not a tree, it's a mast!

It’s not a tree, it’s a mast!

I’m sure the upper layer of ‘branches’ have been fitted upside down, but it’s still far easier on the eye than most mobile phone masts.  In fact, as I drove past a flock of starlings landed on it, as a crow perched on top of it!

Here’s a question then – anyone want to guess where I was? Answer will be revealed tomorrow..


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