#26 unexpected bonus from a wet run

What a morning for a long run! It was wet (very!), it was windy (again, very!) and had been for most of the night as well. I had planned to do a 10 mile run this morning though and with the words ‘If it ain’t raining , it ain’t training!’ telling me to just man up and get out there I did just that. I got drenched! Absolutely soaked. It was exhilarating though, and I rather enjoyed running through the floods that stretched across the roads at times.

The bonus? Oh yes – my running shoes now look as good as new after all that water gave them a good rinse!  Admittedly they are just a bit wet, but that’s just a minor thing. Having bright new looking shoes outweighs it by miles! (no pun intended – of course) 😉

I do like my Asics!

I do like my Asics!


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