4th February. World Cancer Day.

It’s a poignant day, it’s a ‘let’s beat this’ day. For some, it’s another day of battling. I spent some time thinking – remembering friends and family that we have lost through cancer, and also sparing some thoughts for some of my friends that are having to face it head on. They know who they are. My message to them is to keep fighting and never give up. 


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1st February. Its ‘dump a significant jerk day’!

Who on earth thinks of these?! 

Fortunately, it’s also serpent day. I do love snakes, so in theory it should be a cracking day for me. Unfortunately, the timing isn’t that good – looking for snakes is always going to be difficult in early February, unless it’s a lovely sunny day and you might be lucky enough to find an early male adder or two.  Today wasn’t a lovely sunny day though, so I had to think hard.. It just so happens that I’m delivering some training in Spring, introducing the trainees to the wonderful world of British reptiles. Today then, gave me the impetus to fine tune my presentation, and update a few images.  I really quite like this adder pic.


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January 31st. Backwards running seemed such a good idea at the time…

Backwards running is not natural. I can also confirm, from experience, that it is not particularly easy – and it hurts!

Today is ‘backwards day’. It seemed easy enough then, to slot in a quick session of running backwards during my run. I chose to do so at Poole park. Those that were at parkrun yesterday will know the bit I chose – from the bollard to the pavilion. A matter of a couple of hundred yards.  All went well for the first 20 yards or so, then I started to feel my thighs complaining. I persevered, and finally reached the pavilion where I was so glad to be able to turn and run/jog normally! Crikey, does that hurt!!  I guess it would be good for quad strengthening over time, but it’s a bit risky. It also induces some odd looks from dog walkers (and their dogs!).

I managed a total of 10 miles today, exactly as planned while I’m still returning from my calf injury. The map shows the complete route. My attempt at backward running is the little ‘tail’ bit on the right. In the bigger picture of the run it might seem insignificant, but right now it’s the effects of that tiny bit that is causing my quads to be so tight!

I did also go backwards in time, of sorts. I happened to glance up and saw an old mate of mine who I last worked with in the mid-90’s, so stopped for a quick catch up, a reminisce about the old days, and a promise not to leave it so long until the next catch up! Good to see you Si.

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January 30th. Inane answering machine message day.

These celebration days get ever more bonkers! Today is the day for inane answer machine messages. Seriously. I considered changing my mobile answer message – but as I usually end doing about a million attempts at getting it right whenever I update my voicemail message I decided against. I also knew I’d spend another million getting it back to normal again in the next few days, because I’d be forever fretting at the inane message waiting for any caller that was unfortunate enough to call me when I was unable to answer.
It’s also croissant day. We do enjoy warm croissants for breakfast every once in a while, but as its parkrun day croissants were off the breakfast menu. Running around Poole park whilst stuffed with croissant would not be a pleasant experience – for anyone! 

Fortunately, it’s also seed swap day. Even more fortunately, we had already decided we’d be popping into town to stock up on seeds for the garden.  There were masses of packs of seeds to choose from! 

I’m not sure they would have been overly keen on swapping seeds for my meagre selection of runner beans that I saved from last year. They were however, more than happy to swap packets of seeds in exchange for sterling! 😉

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January 29th. National fun at work day

That’s right, today was officially ‘fun at work day’!  Of course, it’s all very well having fun, but there are days when you have to be serious at work – and it really wouldn’t have been suitable for me to start cracking jokes or playing pranks in the middle of the meetings today! 

I took the opportunity at lunch though, to go out for a walk on the Heath. It was probably better to describe it as enjoyable, although dodging around the various puddles was pretty good fun to be fair!  


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28th January. Data protection day

Google led the way in ensuring we all knew what day it was today. Their homepage even had links to help people check their data security measures. 

Best do what it says I guess. I’m off to change a few of my passwords. 

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27th January. A day to ensure that the past is not forgotten.

It’s Chocolate cake day! Exciting as that might seem, it pales into insignificance when you consider that it is also Holocaust Memorial Day. The theme behind the campaign for this year is: Don’t Stand By.


I can’t begin to imagine that such atrocities would ever be forgotten, or wiped from history as some would have us believe is possible. We need to learn from the past, to ensure that some things are never repeated.

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January 26th. Australia day

Today was Australia Day, as well as peanut brittle day and military spouse day. 

I took the opportunity to celebrate Australia Day, by watching the Australia v India T20 cricket this morning. It was played in Australia, on Australia Day, and with the Big Bash only finishing a couple of days ago the Australian players were all match fit and raring to go out there and put on a show for the packed house. Surely there was no questioning the result being a resounding win for the Aussies? 


Shane Watson at the crease ready to wreak hovoc with the bat..or not.

Sadly for the Aussies, it didn’t quite go to plan and they lost by 30 or so runs.  

Judging by the amount of fireworks going off around the ground though, it didn’t put too much of a dent in the local Australia Day celebrations! 

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January 25th. It really should have been Train day.

It would have been so perfect if it could have been Train day. I got on a train at 4:45am this morning, and got back again at just gone 20:30 tonight – so I had plenty of time to appreciate a variety of trains. 

It wasn’t Train day though. It was bubble wrap appreciation day, it was A room of your own day, it was Irish coffee day, and it was opposites day.

Bubble wrap appreciation would have been brilliant, but I didn’t have any and didn’t have much opportunity to find any. Opposite Day got the vote, as I decided to sit facing forwards for my outward journey, and backwards for my return journey.

As it happens, the opposite was quite a bit more than just that.  This morning, I had an entire rail carriage to myself…


My very own carriage.

This evening, I couldn’t even find a seat for the first half of the journey so had to stand and wait my turn – particularly frustrating as I had to wait for a backward facing seat!


Same carriage, different view!

That’s pretty close to as opposite a journey experience  as you can get! 😉

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January 24th. Beer can appreciation day..

That’s right, today is National  beer can appreciation day.  It’s also: visit your local quilting shop day, peanut butter day, talk like a grizzled prospector day and belly laugh day. I’m told by my wonderful wife that’s also National compliment day as well. She’s amazingly knowledgeable and quite simply awesome, so I’m pretty sure she is right,of course.

Now, beer is not something that I drink very often so it’s no surprise that I don’t happen to have any beer cans around that I can appreciate. I’ll stretch the boundaries, just a little, by appreciating a few cider cans instead.


These 4 cans are doing a grand job of keeping a total of 2 litres of Thatchers Gold in prime condition, for when I want to enjoy a taste of Somerset. Well done cans, I appreciate your efforts.  

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